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With our team’s rigorous work, our extensive network of affiliated dealers and our exceptional solutions, get quick access to a financing plan adapted to your situation and at the lowest interest rate possible! *

As Eastern Canada’s undisputed special credit leader, Access Credit Leasing is renowned for its efficiency. Our experts know that in addition to giving you the freedom to choose, quick preapproval can make all the difference when it comes to completing a transaction.

Let our team make your life easier and get (back) behind the wheel with full peace of mind with our financing solutions for the leasing of on-road (car, truck) or recreational (ATV, motorcycle, etc.) vehicles.





*It is important to note that the interest rate charged is directly linked to the financial risk that we take.

What makes us UNIQUE

We’re a Leader in the
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Eastern Canada

We understand the
importance of acting
quickly to help you
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Our team of experts and
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Why choose Access Credit Leasing

Our team works tirelessly to allow those who’ve experienced financial hardship to get a car. To meet their mobility needs for their job or family, we offer financing solutions that respect their ability to pay and adapt to their specific situation.

Furthermore, our specialists make sure to set out a payment schedule for each client and to provide the client with detailed and transparent support.

So, we offer much more than alternative vehicle financing. We offer our clients support based on active listening and also help them adopt good management habits when it comes to their financial obligations.

Financing you need to get (back) behind the wheel!

The solutions Access Credit Leasing proposes are meant for you if:

  • You’ve never borrowed money
  • You’ve declared bankruptcy
  • You aren’t released from your bankruptcy
  • You’ve made late payments
  • You’ve been declined by a financial institution

More than just financing for
2nd and 3rd chance credit!