We’re not a bank,
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Who is Access Credit Leasing (A.C.L.)?

  •  We are a financing company that offers 2nd and 3rd chance credit to allow you to lease an on-road or recreational vehicle.

Is a client with a bankruptcy or unreleased consumer proposal eligible for your program?

  • Yes. To discover all those eligible for the program, view the following pod.

What types of vehicles are eligible for your program?

  • Cars, trucks and some recreational vehicles. We finance motorcycles, ATVS, quads and snowmobiles.

Is a cash outlay required for each financing application?

  • A disbursement is only required if the amount requested exceeds $12,500 or the capacity of the applicant to pay as established by Access Credit Leasing.

What is the maximum financing available under your program?

  • The allowable maximum is $12,500 plus taxes. For example, if you want to finance a $14,500 car, you will need to disburse $2,000 plus taxes in cash.

What vehicles are eligible for your program?

  • Automobiles that are 9 years old or less with less than 180,000 kilometres are eligible for our program.

What is the maximum term for the financing?

  • The maximum term is 60 months.

What is the minimum employment time to be eligible?

  • There is none; however, the client must be able to prove his revenues (the minimum revenue must be $15,000).

What is the Accès-léré Program and what are its advantages?

  • The quickest and most efficient may to have your client preapproved.

Does the client have to install a GPS type tracking system on his vehicle?

  • Access Credit Leasing never requires installation of a tracking system.

What areas do you service?

  • We’re present throughout Eastern Canada (Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes)

What are the interest rates?

  • We offer 4 interest rates. Our credit analysis team will examine your client’s file to identify the proper rate.