We’re not a bank,
we’re the solution!

Serving customers
for over 15 years!

Founded in 2009 by experienced auto sales managers, Access Credit Leasing Inc. specializes in the subprime financing of on-road and recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, quads and ATVs.

Access Credit Leasing mainly targets consumers whose loan request has been declined by a financial institution, who’ve experienced financial hardship in the past such as bankruptcy or voluntary filing and who wish to rebuild their credit. The solutions proposed also allow first-time buyers to build their credit file.

Through a long-term leasing system, the company finances the clients of its vast network of more than 2,000 affiliated car dealers throughout Eastern Canada. Moreover, Access Credit Leasing wishes to expand its territory and aims to eventually service the entire country.

Note that our financing solutions apply to various types of vehicles:

  • Car
  • Truck
  • Motorcycle
  • Quad
  • Snowmobile
  • ATV and more
  • Working / leasure trailer


As a market leader, the Access Credit Leasing team has been innovating for over 15 years  to propose credit solutions suited to consumers. 

These solutions namely target consumers whose loan request has been declined by a financial institution and who’ve experienced financial hardship in the past such as bankruptcy or voluntary filing.

The ultimate goal of Access Credit Leasing is to help you build or rebuild your credit so that one day, you can be financed by a financial institution.

Moreover, our team is proud to mention that over the last few years, it has helped more than 20,000 clients recover their mobility and that 75% of these clients are now doing business with a traditional financial institution again.



Our team regroups professionals with complementary skills. Operating in their various fields of expertise, they work tirelessly to quickly offer you the solution best suited to your needs.

Our team has thus created a fast and thorough credit analysis and preapproval system. With our Accès-léré program, leasing a vehicle will never be this quick and easy.


Always working to guarantee customer satisfaction, our team emphasizes a respectful and attentive approach. We do everything in our power to offer honest, reliable, and human service to our clients and affiliated dealers. The sincere desire to help and simplify the life of our clients is a daily motivation for our team.


This value encompasses many others, including honesty, responsibility, respect, trust and sincerity. As with any good financial institution, we scrupulously respect the confidentiality and commitments of each contract. We respect ethical and moral rules. The trust that the client grants us is essential. With us, the expression ”Walk the talk” takes on its full meaning.


Transparency, attentive listening, and customer service, in general, are all very important to the Access Credit Leasing team. Given the specificities of the specialized credit market, it is important to be able to vulgarize and answer the questions of a diversified clientele properly.



Our team’s excellent work has contributed to
the company’s continued success and growth.

Access Credit Leasing hires more than 75 car professionals who join forces to give thousands of Canadian consumers mobility for the first time or more.

Our advisors’ rigour and dedication allow us to provide optimum responses to the various needs of our clients and affiliated dealers. Our constant efforts and team efficiency have allowed us to thrive in the specialized credit market.

Lastly, our excellent customer service and active listening and the thoroughness of our team in part explain why we are industry leaders in Eastern Canada.

For these reasons and more, we would like to thank and highlight the incredible work of our sales team that goes above and beyond every day to meet the demands of our clientele!

Daniel Marleau
Vice President
development of affairs

Alexandre Beaudoin
Major Account Manager

Catherine Doucet
Senior Inside Sales Representative
Quebec, Ontario, Maritimes

Katy Dupuis
Inside Sales Representative

Philippe Laroche
Senior Merchant Service Agent

We’re not a bank,
we’re the solution!