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All dealers affiliated with Access Credit Leasing have privileged access to a virtual vehicle auction.

Seize the opportunities and get a hold of exceptional vehicles that will meet your clients’ every need.

To become an affiliated dealer or to know more about the advantages proposed to our collaborating merchants.

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More than simply capitalizing on the competitive advantages of the private auction, dealers that are members of the Access Credit Leasing network rely on the expertise and experience of our team to grow their business. Join more than 2 000 dealers across Eastern Canada and close hundreds, if not thousands, of deals by using our innovative financing solutions. Trust our :


Our team’s objective is to assist you in closing each deal through an efficient analysis of the file and rapid credit approval. Thanks to our innovative analysis system, our experts can quickly supply you with the right answer, at the right time.


The flexibility of Access Credit Leasing is a highlight that your clients will greatly appreciate. With our quick and simple preapproval process, your clients will be able to select any vehicle in your inventory with a selling price within the set credit range. You will thus be able to help them find the right vehicle with the right features.


The expertise of our team in the subprime leasing of vehicles has been recognized by the industry for more than 10 years. As we are constantly striving to improve the solutions offered to consumers and our affiliated dealers, we do the utmost to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.

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