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Acces Credit Leasing Careers

You are meticulous or you like to work in a group and you have customer service at heart. So join our team of over 75 professionals at Location Accès Crédit.

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Collection Agent

The collection agent performs all the following functions :

  • Communicate, by telephone, by post or by e-mail with the customers to inform them that they have late payments and to start again if an answer is not received;
  • solve the problems of collection by taking arrangements with the debtor by telephone, by e-mail or by the external intervention of our agencies;
  • look for and find the debtors and communicate, if necessary, with the friends, the neighbors, the parents(relatives) and the employers of the debtors to obtain information;
  • seize or verify data or information, sort out, classify documents;
  • answer a range of questions of the clientele concerning the services and the invoicing;
  • make the update of customers files;
  • work with numbers;
  • work in an office;

Personal skills : 

  • Capacities to communicate and to negotiate ¦ Strong work ethics
  • Courtesy ¦ Priorities management
  • sense of responsibility
  • professionalism)
  • Autonomy ¦ Perseverance ¦ Diligence ¦ Resourcefulness ¦ Detachment in the face of the personal life of the customers

Requirements :

  • Finished High School
  • Bilingual

Please send your information here pascallebrun@accescredit.ca